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Meet the creator.

Gather. Munch. Enjoy.

Hey everyone and welcome, my name is Katherine and I am the owner of Charcuterie Creations. I reside in Greenville, Kentucky with my wonderful husband and 2 fur babies. We have two fur babies that we adore, Oakley (goldendoodle) and Oscar (mini-schnauzer). My first priority in life besides God is my husband and my family. I am one of those family gals, all about family, family, family. 

Family dinners were always a big thing in our house growing up, especially for any holiday. Mom always went all out on the food and the decorations. Not only was she a great cook, but presentation was always just as important to her. It was always so beautiful! The last few years we changed things up a bit and started doing something easier, finger foods including a charcuterie board, made by me. So, why not finger foods; easy clean up and not so much food being wasted. That’s what started this hobby of mine. I had thought multiple times and times again, “I should make this into a small business on the side.” I would always make them every Christmas at my parents, at get-togethers I would have here at my house and any other family gatherings. So, after about a year and a half I have finally decided to proceed with this. I guess you can say it took that one message and request for a charcuterie board to actually open my eyes and really go for it! God does put people in your life for a reason at certain times. My mother always used to tell me when growing up “Everything happens for a reason.” That quote is something I have lived by for so long and it is so true. One thing can happen and can lead into opening a whole new chapter or adventure in your life, it did mine!

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Large Board
Letter Boxes
Jar Charcuterie
Cone Charcuterie
Cup Charcuterie
Solo Box

Since starting this business, I have had the biggest support system; my husband, my parents and in-laws, and my friends! I have to say how incredibly blessed and thankful I am for these people along the way with this new journey, whether it’s been weekly deliveries to my little hometown or just good advice! I’m so happy that I am able to provide such a fun and unique new custom Charcuterie Board catering service to this local community and surrounding areas!

I also want to give a huge thanks to Paloma with Cultivating Culver for the hand drawn logo and the awesome website design!

Our Menu

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