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Gather. Munch. Enjoy.

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We've got all your questions covered! If you don't find your answer below please feel free to contact us with any and all questions or concerns. Not sure what the best option for you is? That's okay! We can walk you through our menu options, fill out the inquiry form below and we'll reach out to you!

How do I book/place an order?

Request a quote and date through the inquiry form linked HERE  or you can call or text us today! After an order inquiry is placed, we will reach out within 24-48 hours to discuss the order details. We reserve the right to charge a rush fee for any last minute orders (particularly those requested within 24 hours of the order date).

Is there a deposit?

Yes, A deposit of $25 is due at time of booking. If your order is $200 or over then there will be a requirement of 50% of your estimated total at time of booking as your deposit.

Do we deliver?

Yes, orders are subject to a delivery fee depending on the address provided in the order form or order inquiry. 

Charcuterie is perishable so someone will need to be available/home to accept the order and refrigerate until serving.

Delivery Details: 

For any deliveries outside of a 20 mile radius will be charged a fee of .50/ mile round trip. Delivery address is given at time of booking.

What does "grazing" mean?

Grazing means munching on small snacks/appetizers.

What is a graze table?

As the name implies, it is a table for grazing or eating. This I normally a spread that is spread and decorate across a table or counter where people can walk around and help themselves.

Do I have to return your tray?

Not if they are placed on the palm leaf disposable tray. If you ask to rent a board of mine then it will have to be returned by 3 days after the event date.

Food allergies policy:

Nut or food Allergies must be noted when placing your order. There will be a clause in the contract that you (the client) will sign where you have made the caterer aware of any food or nut allergies at time of booking. I will not be responsible for any allergies or food related issues.

Can we accommodate allergies/dietary restrictions?

We always do our best to accommodate food allergies and dietary requests, however, we do not operate in a 100% allergy free environment. Although we can omit ingredients, there may be a risk of cross contamination and if you have severe allergies, please exercise judgement. Individuals with sensitivities must let us know when placing an order and please be as specific as possible. By submitting an order form, you acknowledge this and confirm that Charcuterie Creations is not responsible for any of the stated allergies or food related issues.

Can I change my pickup time?

In order to ensure the quality of our ingredients, your Board will be freshly prepared prior to your pickup time. If you need to make a change to your originally scheduled pickup time, we ask that you notify us 24 hours in advance so we can adjust our schedule.

What temperature do I serve my board?

Cured meats and cheese taste best at room temperature, so we recommend setting it out for 45 minutes prior to serving. 

None of the sizes on your menu are a good fit for me. Can you do something different?

Of course! We are always willing to accommodate your requests however we can!

If I'm throwing a large event, such as a wedding what is the price point for a grazing table?

Again, this depends on so many different factors. With weddings and large parties, the grazing table can be the main food served or it can just be for cocktail hour. The look you want, types of food you'd like included, how elaborate you'd like to go, all affect the overall price. Keep in mind, we are always willing to work within your budget and make sure you get the beautiful spread you desire without spending more than you want to spend!

What is included in a board/box?

All or our products are uniquely curated and no two are guaranteed to be identical. INGREDIENTS MAY BE SEASONAL SO THEY ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY AND SUBSTITUTIONS. 

However, we will always include a variety of soft/hard cheeses, cured meats, & other accoutrements such as nuts, artisan jams, dried fruits, fresh fruits. You can expect seasonal picks as well. 

Each board/box also includes serving utensils and crackers on the side.

How soon in advance to I need to order?

For any order I would like at least 5-7 days before event.  We will do our best to accommodate last minute order requests (submit a form, email us, or call us) and may apply a small rush fee. I also recommend booking as soon as you know your event day, especially if it is for a big event, for instance a wedding.

Letter or Number orders need to for sure be placed a couple weeks in advance so I know I have the specific letter or number in stock and if not then I will have to order. Again, if for some reason you need a last minute you can message or call and we will try to accommodate. During the holiday season, please book as soon as you can. Dates book fast.

What if I need to cancel my order?

Cancellation by Client: All deposits are returned in full if your event is canceled up to 5 days before the event, if the event is canceled between 5 days and your event then the deposit will not be refunded. Cancellation by Charcuterie Creations, LLC:  We reserve the right to terminate this contract for any reason. IF we terminate this contract over 30 days prior to your event date, all deposits and prepayments will be returned in full within 10 days. 

Do we offer pickup?

Yes, we do! If pickup is requested at time of ordering them pickup location will be discussed. Orders must be picked up at the agreed upon pickup or we cannot guarantee that someone will be available to provide your order.

What is the difference between a Charcuterie board and a graze table?

A grazing table, unlike a charcuterie board is filled with meats, cheeses and lots of accompaniments a charcuterie board is just meats with a few accompaniments.

Can you use a tray I own?

Yes you may but will not change the cost that is quoted to you.

Rental trays?

Yes, rental trays and boards are available to rent! Just please note you may be interested in a rental on the request a quote/date form.

Do we offer vegetarian or pork-free options?

Yes! We can omit cured meats on any board and make a cheeseboard only. We would add additional quantities of cheese. We do offer pork alternatives such as beef or turkey salami. Pork alternatives are subject to a surcharge and are dependent on the board size.

Wil plates, napkins, and utensils be provided?

Plates and napkins will not be provided. Each order will include tongs. A honey dipper will come with orders that include a jar of honey.

How long will my board stay fresh?

To ensure freshness, we recommend serving your Board the same day that you pick it up.  If you do not plan on serving it within two hours of pickup, we recommend refrigerating the Board until 45 minutes prior.

What if I don't like a certain cheese/nut/etc.?

Let us know in the “Special Requests/Instructions” write-in box and we will accommodate! You’ll see this once you add a product to your cart.

Does each order include crackers?

Yes! Each order comes with crackers (on the side). If you’re a cracker fan or interested in feeding a larger group, you can always add-on extra crackers to your order. Gluten free crackers are available upon request.

Do you help set up for large events/weddings?

Absolutely! Please contact us and we would love to talk logistics.

How many people does each board serve?

This depends on so many different variables! I need to know if the board is serving as an appetizer or as a meal, as well as what time of day it will be eaten. If there will be other food at your event, this affects how many people your board will feed. Another very important factor is whether or not there will be alcohol served! People tend to eat more and snack longer when they are drinking.

Do you do corporate events?

Yes, we do! We offer boards, boxes, and grazing tables!

Please submit an inquiry form to inquire about our various offerings or email us at

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